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Today we would like to delve into the issue of mechanisms or also called internal movements of replica watches The heart of a clock, a small perfect machine and that is responsible for the precise operation of the clock.


The mechanism of a replica watch, also known as caliber, is basically fake watches composed of a driving weight, a gear formed by cogwheels and an exhaust mechanism.

The driving weight is a hanging weight that is responsible for providing energy and connected to the gears which in turn connect with the hands of the clock.

The exhaust wheel receives the rotating driving force through the gears of the replica watch and transmits it to the anchor, which, in turn, converts it into a reciprocating motion, but the vanes of the anchor prevent the escape wheel from rotating freely: the vanes alternately hold and release the exhaust wheel. So every time the pendulum swings replica watches, two teeth of the wheel are released.

The exhaust mechanism, which houses both the anchor and the pinion, slows the regular travel of the gear.

A modern mechanism also replica watches houses the rope (through which the drive receives the force), the hand mechanism (which links the elements for the time indication) and the adjustment device (which corrects the indicated time).